I use a groupon for foot massage and was pleasantly surprised at the reflexology method they used. I went in with a headache and aches all over. I felt relaxed , and my headache was almost gone by the time it was finished. I was very happy with my treatment. It was in a very open area but I didn't let that bother me.
I had a bad experience as well with the pricing. I received a mediocre massage after waiting a long time after my scheduled appointment. I gave a decent tip anyway and then was harassed to give more. I've never had that happen before. I gave in, but never went back.
Good massages but they answer phone calls during massage and talk amongst themselves, interfering with relaxation. I also was bumped from scheduled massage by another customer.
Irina Kelachinathu
My husband made appointment for couples massage for my birthday. We get there and they tell us sorry someone else just came in so we giving them massage but you can come back in an hour. We drove all the way out there for nothing. We go here at least once a month. After this we will be looking for a new massage place and will make sure to let everyone know how you treat your customers.
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